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MACE-11010 Calendar

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Introduction (27/9, Thursday, 11-12am)
Survey (28/9, Friday, 3-4pm) 

Grading System

Lecture 1 (4/10, Thursday, 11-12am), Forces and Newton's laws
Lecture 2 (5/10, Friday, 3-4pm), Equilibrium of Many Particle System: Force
Lecture 3 (5/10, Friday, 4-5pm), Equilibrium of Many Particle System: Moment
Lecture 4 (11/10, Thursday, 11-12am), Free boday diagram
Lecture 5 (12/10, Friday, 3-4pm), Case studies
Lecture 6 (12/10, Friday, 4-5pm), Structure, plane truss
Lecture 7 (18/10, Thursday, 11-12am), Distributed force
Lecture 8 (19/10, Friday, 3-4pm), Friction

Assignment I (19/10, Friday, 4-5pm)

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