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ABAQUS: How to define displacement BCs relative to deformed geometry?

Hi everybody,

I would like to apply a displacement field to the surface nodes of a previously deformed solid mesh.
In Step 1, the model undergoes some deformation depending on changing design variables. In Step 2, I want to move some of the surface nodes with respect to the resulting configuration (internal stresses and deformed geom). To apply exact displacements in step 2 does not work, because it is still referenced to the undeformed geom before step 1, which leads to incorrect displacements.

Since I want to use the model for optimization of design variables, it should be possible to define the whole solution in the input file, without the need to process reults by hand.

Maybe this is basic, but I can't find any suitable information. Does anyone know, what to do?

Thank you in advance!

...the solution is indeed basic:


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