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Constraints in a Soil-Structure interaction

Hello everyone,

I am trying to model the SSI in 2D plane strain. When I am modelling the soil+footing exclusively, there is no problem. 

However, when I want to introduce a pier [beam element] with a lumped mass on top of it, I cannot get the constraints right.

The soil is a deformable 2D plane strain body, the footing is declared as rigid body with a RP in the middle. The pier is a beam element whilst the lumped mass is a simple mass element [inertia/mass].

There is a hard normal contact between footing and soil. Further, I made a tie constraint between the RP of the footing[master] and the surface of the Pier [slave]. After, the Pier [master] is tied to the mass [slave].

However, it gives me 

Solver problem. Zero pivot when processing D.O.F. 6 of 1 nodes. The nodes have been identified in node set WarnNodeSolvProbZeroPiv_6_1_1_2_4. Which means I overconstraint or I underconstraint it. 

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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