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Phase field modeling of phase transformation using Comsol?

Dear members of imechanica,

Does anyone have any exprience in phase filed modeling of phase transformation in comsol? To be more specific, I would like to know if it is possible to solve the field equation and diffusion equation at the same time using Comsol PDE module or any other module?

I know that there are phase field modules for liquid/solid intractions in Comsol. However, what I intend to do is phase transformation or solidification.


Thanks in advance.


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You can take a look at MOOSE framework which is an open source code for multiphysics problem. MOOSE includes a set of community developed physics modules that you can build on to create your own application, such as 

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Hi Vahid,

Have you had luck in finding a COMSOL model for phase transformation? I am trying to simulate similar problem.

I have a simple heat transfer + solidification COMSOL model that I can share with you, however no phase transformation is included.



Dear Mehdi,

It has been quite a long time since I've paid a visit to iMechanica, and I just noticed your reply here. Thanks a lot for the offer. Fortunately, there has been lots of updates from my last visit. I have programmed a Fortran code for the nucleation and growth of grains during solidification in liquid-solid material systems. The code is based on the KKS phase field model. My code also handles the electromigration and elastic effects in materials, and it is coupled with the relative solvers. Here is my early publication, I recently made and the others are on the way:

Phase Field Modeling of Joint Formation During Isothermal Solidification in 3DIC Micro Packaging


I am still looking for the opportunities to couple the code with other major solvers like Comsol and expand the whole applicability.







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