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numerical modelling using Abaqus 6.14

<p>What is static riks solver?? Please explain in details.. As I am a learner of abaqus I get problem understanding some things, like arc length, &nbsp;increment in static riks etc.. I find that it is very useful for simulating collaps behaiour.. I wish to do a thrust experiment regarding geological setup... Please help and guide me..&nbsp;</p>
<p>Thank you&nbsp;</p>


Riks solver is an arc-length method used to solve the nonlinear load-displacement equations of a structure. This method can trace the equilibrium path and provides proper treatment of the limit and bifurcation points. In this regard, ordinary solution techniques lead to instability near the limit points and also have problems in case of snap-through and snap-back. Thus they fail to predict the complete load-displacement response. The arc-length method serves the purpose well in principle, received wide acceptance in finite element analysis, and has been used extensively. The arc-length method for structural analysis was originally developed by Riks (1972; 1979) and Wempner (1971) and later modified by several scholars.

In the following link, you can find Matlab codes to see how the Riks method, as well as other advanced arc-length methods work:

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