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Lecture 2, Equilibrium of Many Particle System: Force

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  1. Many-Particle Interactions
       Equilibrium requires resltant force = 0
  2. Free-Body-Diagram
  3. Problem 1: Remove Spike from Timber
  4. Problem 2: Knot in Static Equilibrium 

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sir can i get some help please, because i have got no idea about what to write up in this second note can i get some help please.

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just wrote down what you learned in the class, and show how much you have understood. Or if you could not understand some parts, ask in the lecture-notes, and show where and why you do not understood.

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I know Sigma F is the sum of the forces but does sigma Fi mean sum of all Forces in the horizontal direction. I do not feel you explained this very clearly.

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Sigma F is the summation of forces. Notice that forces are vectors. Therefore, Sigma Fi = 0 can be applied to any direction.

Come to my office if still confused.

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Is it just lectures 1 and 2 that are due in today or also lecture 3

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