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Simpleware Version 2016.09 Now Available

We are happy to bring you the latest version of Simpleware – the 2016.09 release adds a number of new features to the previous version of the software and offers many improvements for users, with applications ranging from medical image processing to materials and industrial analysis.

What's in this new release?

The new release significantly extends core software features and makes it faster and easier to complete even the most complex 3D image to model workflows.

New features and improvements of version 2016.09 include:

  • New features for the ScanIP core software environment: additional segmentation tools and Boolean Operation options; quick statistics and automated reporting
  • New features for the +FE Module: per-part mesh settings, automatic CFD clipping planes and the ability to more directly mesh imported surfaces (CAD, STL) and masks together in the same model
  • Full integration of the +CAD Module within ScanIP and additional new surface tools including STL fixing; object grouping/un-grouping and feature detection/preservation
  • New capabilities added to the Physics Modules for extracting effective parameters for 1D and 2D models

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