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Recent Review Paper from Advances in Mechanics——SLOSHING

Journal Tittle: Advances in Mechanics




Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS), Department of Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway


Resonant liquid motions in various engineering fields are exemplified. Sloshing in ship tanks associated with violent flow are discussed in detail. A nonlinear analytically based multimodal method that facilitates investigations of wave regimes, multi-branched solutions and physical stability is described. The importance of 3D flow with, for instance, swirling and chaos in nearly square-base tanks as well as in vertical cylindrical and spherical tanks is emphasized. Sloshing-induced slamming involves a broad variety of inflow conditions that depend on the liquid depth-to-tank length ratio. The many physical phenomena involving fluid mechanic and thermodynamic parameters as well as hydroelasticity effecting slamming load effects and associated scaling from model to full scale for prismatic LNG tanks are discussed.

Keywords: multimodal method, sloshing, wave regimes, slamming, hydroelasticity, model test scaling


The hydrodynamics of sloshing can be complicated. Its understanding requires a combination of theory, CFD and experiments. Resonant liquid motions in various engineering fields are exemplified. It is pointed out that nonlinearities associated with sloshing are important in describing coupled ship motions and sloshing. The multimodal methods are computationally very fast and easy to couple with the ship motions. The methods are more suitable than a CFD method to understand the many different flow configurations that can occur during sloshing. 

Sloshing-induced slamming in prismatic LNG tanks is perhaps the most complicated slamming problem because many fluid mechanic and thermodynamic parameters as well as hydroelasticity may matter. Further, complicated in-flow scenarios of slamming may appear due to violent sloshing. The consequence is that both computational tools and model test scaling are limited.

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