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High Artificial Energy (ALLAE) in Abaqus Explicit analysis

Hello everybody,

I am doing such a kind of FE simulation using ABAQUS Explicit for composite delamination analysis. In this case, I have used once Cohesive Zone Element (CZM) and then with Cohesive Surface for deboning analysis

The simulation is itself quite dynamic process, somehow the deformation time is only around 3[ms] and the deformation speed is around 5[m/s].

I used the same characteristics for both CZM and Cohesive Surface description. Enhanced Hourglass was also used for Element Control.

The problem is as below:

The resulting Artificial Energy (ALLAE) for Cohesive Surface assumption is so high; around 70% of ALLIE; while for CZM model is just around 1% which seems correct.

Does somebody have any idea about the reason behind that? I would  be happy to let me know if you have and hints or solution for that.

Thanks in advance,

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