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How to apply a traction shear load on a surface


I wonder if some one helps me in applying shear on a surface of a cube. Do we have to apply it on two opposite surfaces. or I can fix one surface?






In theory it should not matter if you fix one and apply shear to other surface or if you apply shear half to one surface and half to the opposite surface, but depend on the model, boundary conditions and the system you are studying, it might make some differences.

Thank you for your reply.

I am applying it to a unidirectional fiber composite. I am applying transverse load as well as longitudinal shear.

I wanted to apply the shear load to be half of the transverse one. I applied the shear on both surfaces. Each surface has the same magnitude as the transverse.

In the results, I found that the model suffer from free body motion. That is why I thought of fixing one surface.

If I fixed one surface, do I have to apply twice the magnitude with two surfaces?

Thank you

Yes you should double the traction if you fix the other end. But your model should not move. There should be something wrong somewhere.

Thank you

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