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Ali H. Nayfeh passed away

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Ali Hasan Nayfeh

Professor Ali H. Nayfeh passed away today Monday (March 27, 2017) at his home in Amman, Jordan. He was the University Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Virginia Tech Wikipedia

We mourn Nayfeh's passing with deep sadness for the loss of a giant in dynamics and structural mechanics.


He has made lasting contributions to education and engineering. Among his large number of scholarly publications are several widely used monographs and textbooks, including Perturbation Methods, and Nonlinear Oscillations, both reissued as Wiley Classics. He is the inaugural winner of the Thomas K. Caughey Dynamics Award.


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I was reading the wikipedia page of Prof. Nayfeh and the case of JVC resignement came to my attention.  I did not know of this big scandal involving 60 retracted papers, certainly without Nayfeh noticing it, written by a certain Peter Chen who had faked many identities to get positive and easy reviews (probably of 60 papers):  I still do not understand how he did it, because the editor still has some control on how to invite, and therefore unless Peter Chen knew the names of the reviewers' the Editor or his associate would call, how could he beat the system?

Anyway, there seem to be follow-up at high level. Taiwan’s Education Minister Chiang Wei-ling resigned on Monday 14 July over his links to a researcher whose papers were retracted from an international scientific journal because of alleged fraud. ....... He said in remarks released last Sunday that if Chen was found to have violated academic ethics, the science ministry would demand a return of any research funds awarded to him and bar him for life from applying for such funding.

Any news from Peter Chen?  The only one I could find possibly him is on Linkedin, where he seems now an independent consultant.

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it may well be another one.  The original Peter Chen has quit his academic job, and disappeared.

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