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Ph.D. Position Opening at Penn State University in Computational Biomachinery and Nanomaterials

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Applications are invited for a Ph.D. position at the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Penn State University. This position at the Laboratory of Biomachinery and Nanomaterials will be developed in the frame of an interdisciplinary project with the objectives of i) studying electromechanical coupling processes at the nanoscale in biological and bio-inspired soft matter systems and ii) designing novel microstructure patterns for metamaterials with applications in active surface control and energy harvesting. The specific tasks of the position will involve the development of numerical strategies for the treatment of the relevant physics, the simulation of different problems with the support of the Institute for CyberScience supercomputing facility, and performing experiments/prototyping at the HUCK Institutes of the Life Sciences, the Materials Characterization Laboratory, and the Nanofabrication facilities at Penn State. Part of this project will incorporate multiscale modeling and machine learning schemes.


The position includes funding for conferences, seminar attendance, and outstanding computational and laboratory resources. An ideal candidate would have an engineering degree (mechanical, civil, aeronautical or similar), with a good background in applied mathematics and computational mechanics, and with interest in studying problems in biology, soft matter and non-conventional materials. Some previous contact with electrophysiology experiments is desirable, but not a requirement.



Interested applicants can send an email with CV and degree transcripts to A brief presentation/motivation note will be very appreciated.


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