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Joint PhD position (UNIBS/ND) on energy storage materials

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The Multiscale Mechanics and Multiphysics of Materials Lab ( at the School of Engineering at the University of Brescia, Italy announces a joint PhD fellowship between the Universities of Brescia (Italy) and Notre Dame (USA) on the subject of  Co-designed modeling and experimental investigations on electrodes modified with lithiated organic ligands. The student, who must have graduated in a non-Italian institution, will be co-advised by Prof. A. Salvadori (UNIBS) and J. Schaefer (ND).

The candidate will work at the forefront of experiments and modeling techniques in the vibrant area of next generation energy storage materials. The position requires the willingness of working in an interdisciplinary team. A background in solid mechanics and thermodynamics, knowledge of nonlinear finite element methods and ability to use FEM codes, preferably ABAQUS, is positively considered.

If interested, please contact alberto.salvadori(at) A copy of a CV, eligibility to work in Italy and in the USA, and a description of research interests is mandatory.

Further information and administrative facts can be found at



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