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Position for Experimental Technician at Stanford University

Position is 1-year fixed term.

The Neural Prosthetic Systems Lab in the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University conducts neuroscience, neuroengineering, and translational research to better understand how the brain controls movement, and to design medical systems to assist people with movement disabilities. The lab is seeking an experimental technician to lead and perform a variety of projects and tasks to help accelerate research and streamline daily operations for graduate students, postdocs and animal technicians in the lab.

Job responsibilities include

  • Computer aided design (CAD) of specialized metal parts for our laboratory experiments.
  • Coordinate with outside vendor(s) to have these CAD designs machined / 3D printed.
  • Receive and assemble parts, install in experimental setup, test performance mechanically, electrically, optically.
  • Lead interactions with a range of vendors where custom systems are needed and coordinate as issues arise.
  • Lead interactions with machine shop on campus.
  • Catalog (database) and organize (timelines) variety of parts and systems in lab and coming to lab.
  • Design and install variety of storage and procedure stations in lab.
  • Program (MATLAB, Python, UNIX) specific software elements associated with conducting experiments / analyzing data.
  • Background research on commercial systems available to meet experimental needs, and then generate purchase order.

Apply at, job #75530

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