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PhD Position in 'Intelligent design of 2D nanostructures based on molybdenum' project

Two PhD students will be engaged in a research project of National Science Centre (NCN) carried out in the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research PAS, Poland on 'Intelligent design of 2D nanostructures based on molybdenum'.  The materials with a 2D atomic structure (flat, one layer) have drawn attention of researchers for years. The practical applications of graphene sheets, nanotubes can be observed in many areas from electronic industry up to civil engineering (e.g. concrete with nanotubes fillers). The goal of the project is to create a method for intelligent design new 2D atomic stable nano-structures with prescribed properties based on molybdenum. The research will be conducted on the base of authors experience with carbon based flat graphene - like materials. The aim of the project is also to create software tools for its verification and generation of new molybdenum flat structures with prescribed properties. The detailed abstract of the project is available on the link:

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