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a new book "Contact Mechanics" from JR Barber

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I am pleased to suggest a very interesting new book from prof JR Barber of UMich, a leading scientist in the field of contact mechanics.

I have reviewed the book for the journal Meccanica,  also in attachment.

This book describes the solution of contact problems with an emphasis on idealized (mainly linear) elastic problems that can be treated with elementary analytical methods. General physical and mathematical features of these solutions are highlighted. Topics covered include the contact of rough surfaces and problems involving adhesive (e.g. van der Waals) forces. 
The author is a well-known researcher in the subject with hands-on experience of the topics covered and a reputation for lucid explanations. The target readership for the book includes researchers who encounter contact problems but whose primary focus is not contact mechanics. Coverage is also suitable for a graduate course in contact mechanics and end-of-chapter problems are included.


© 2018Contact Mechanics

Authors: Barber, J.R.

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Hopefully I can use it as a textbook in near future.

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