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Early Stage Researcher position, Biomedical simulations, Cardiff University

Cardiff University invites applications for an Early Stage Researcher position (Doctoral Candidate) as part of the Rapid Biomechanics and Simulation for Personalised Clinical Design (RAINBOW) MCSA European Training Network. RAINBOW is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The post holder will undertake research on “Meta Modelling for Soft Tissue Contact and Cutting Simulation” leading to a PhD degree award. The post holder will develop numerical methods to simulate the deformations of soft-tissues in the context of computer-aided surgery. In particular, he/she will contribute to bridging the gap between advanced 3D imaging techniques and physics-based computer simulations in order to improve current capabilities in the area of computer-aided diagnostic and surgical planning. A thorough knowledge of numerical methods is essential.



Thanks to recent advances in medical imaging and computer tomography, medical surgery is undergoing a revolution. Surgeons have routinely access to 3D reconstructions of patient anatomy that help them perform diagnoses, plan their operations, and may even have access to real-time feedback during surgical operations. However, good-quality-imaging is invasive, and potentially harmful. Within the RAINBOW MSCA network, Cardiff’s research team aims to use physics-based computer simulations to help reconstruct patient anatomy from partial information (noisy snapshots in space and/or time), and to further predict the evolution of biomechanical processes in the future in order to improve diagnoses and planning.


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application deadline: 16 August 2018

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