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Positions available on soft matter tribology


we have two open postdoc positions on soft matter tribology at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in the beautiful Lecce, Italy (Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies, CBN, The activities will be performed in strict collaboration with the University of Salento, located in the same city, as well as with an international industrial partner. The positions are for 1 year, renewable up to three.

The positions are mainly intended to be senior positions, however, the salary will be commensurate to the experience and skills. The (summarised) descriptions of the relevant skills are the following:
1) Expertise on theoretical soft matter tribology, with emphasis on the numerical aspects of fluid/solid contact dynamics and, eventually, multiphase flow. FEM/BEM and particle dynamics will be used/developed during the research activities.
2) Expertise on experimental tribology, with emphasis on tribological and optical methods, and familiarity with spectroscopy and microscopy characterization for surface analysis. The activities will also involve the adoption of simple micro-fabrication techniques (such as soft-lithography).

The CBN is an extremely interdisciplinary research center with the most advanced research facilities for micro-nano investigations, and is part of the network of IIT centers (
Please contact me ( for further information. We are now in the stage of collecting interests.

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forgot to write that the positions are opened to any nationality!

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