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Acta Mechanica Sinica (Volume 34, Issue 5, 2018 ) is online now !

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Acta Mechanica Sinica (Volume 34, Issue 5, 2018 ) is online now !

Dear everyone!

The fifth issue in 2018 (Volume 34, Issue 5) of Acta Mechanica Sinica (AMS) is online now.

Welcome to this SCI-indexed journal for rapid publication of your exciting results.


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Acta Mechanica Sinica (AMS) aims to report recent developments in mechanics and other related fields of research. It covers all disciplines in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics . It explores analytical, computational and experimental progress in all areas of mechanics.

Editors-in-Chief: Tian Jian Lu, Wei Shyy, Zhigang Suo

Impact factor: 1.545

Each issue provides three regular sections: (1) invited articles (2) full length papers (3) disscussions of papers recently published in the Journal.

Address: No. 15 Beisihuanxi Road, Beijing 100190, China

Tel: +86-10-82543905 Fax: +86-10-82543907



Acta Mechanica Sinica--2018, 34 (3) Published: June 2018


Re-understanding the law-of-the-wall for wall-bounded turbulence based on in-depth investigation of DNS data

Bochao Cao · Hongyi Xu

Effect of perforation on flow past a conic cylinder at Re = 100: wavy vortex and sign laws
L. M. Lin · X. F. Zhong · Y. X. Wu

Experimental study on flow control of the turbulent boundary layer with micro-bubbles

Peng-Long Zhao · Yao-Hui Chen · Gang Dong · Yi-Xin Liu · Xu-Jian Lyu

Lagrangian-based numerical investigation of aerodynamic performance of an oscillating foil

Mengjie Zhang · Qin Wu · Biao Huang · Guoyu Wang

Numerical study on the turbulent mixing of planar shock-accelerated triangular heavy gases interface 

Wei-Gang Zeng · Jian-Hua Pan · Yu-Xin Ren · Yu-Tao Sun



Bending of Euler–Bernoulli nanobeams based on the strain-driven and stress-driven nonlocal integral models: a numerical approach

M. Faraji Oskouie · R. Ansari · H. Rouhi

Closed-form dynamics of a hexarot parallel manipulator by means of the principle of virtual work

Siamak Pedrammehr · Saeid Nahavandi · Hamid Abdi

Effect of integrating memory on the performance of the fractional plasticity model for geomaterials

Yifei Sun · Yufeng Gao · Shunxiang Song

Phase transition and dynamics of iron under ramp wave compression

T. Chong · Z. P. Tang · F. L. Tan · G. J. Wang · J. H. Zhao

A simplified approximate model of compressible hypervelocity penetration

Wenjie Song · Xiaowei Chen · Pu Chen

Theoretical prediction on corrugated sandwich panels under bending loads

Chengfu Shu · Shujuan Hou

Novel material tailoring method for internally pressurized FG spherical and cylindrical vessels

Fayyaz Nosouhi Dehnavi · Ali Parvizi · Karen Abrinia

Nonlinear damage model for seismic damage assessment of reinforced concrete frame members and structures

Shuijing Xiao · Longhe Xu · Xiao Lu



Gyroscopic modes decoupling method in parametric instability analysis of gyroscopic systems

Y. J. Qian · X. D. Yang · H. Wu · W. Zhang · T. Z. Yang

Forced oscillations and stability analysis of a nonlinear

S. Ali Ghasabi · Mohammadreza Arbabtafti · Majid Shahgholi



NonInfluence of tidal-volume setting, emphysema and ARDS on human alveolar sacs mechanics

P. Aghasafari · R. Pidaparti


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