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Need Help regarding UMAT subrouitne

It's been  2 weeks, I strated to use abaqus and user subrouitnes. To understand the how user subroutine work I thought to run some UMAT which I got it from  (page no- L6.73) to analysis a 3d steel plate with the material property which is given below.

I don't know where went wrong the plastic strain (PE,PEEQ)result is not showing or I don't have the knowledge of understanding as beginer of abaqus user, Please any suggestion will be helpful.

If I'm not able to run this code I will be in big trouble , any suggestion will be helpful for me . Thanx in advance....



*Material, name=usermaterial_steel



*User Material, constants=12

210000.,   0.3,  280.,    0.,  325., 0.025,  345.,  0.06

  360.,   0.1,  380.,   0.2

** ----------------------------------------------------------------


** STEP: Step-1


*Step, name=Step-1, nlgeom=NO, inc=1000


0.001, 1., 1e-06, 1.



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ABAQUS is unable to interpret your subroutine as an implementation of plasticity. You get PE and PEEQ only if you use the standard command *PLASTIC.


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Good luck



Thank You very much Frank...

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