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Call for Abstract - Frontiers in Built Environment, Earthquake Engineering

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Dear colleagues, Given the recent establishment of the so-called Urban Seismology field and the lack of dedicated journals for the topic, together with Professor Maria Todorovska (University of Southern California, USA), Dr. Riccardo Maria Azzara (INGV, Italy), Dr. Michele Palermo and Dr. Simonetta Baraccani (University of BOlogna, Italy), we would like to establish a network of researchers dealing with this very challenging topic. To this end we created a so-called “Research topic” entitled “Urban Vibrations & their Effects upon Built Heritage: Measurements, Characterization, & Simulations”, inside “Frontiers” a Swiss Open Access journals. The research topic is a “peer-reviewed article collections around themes of cutting-edge research. Defined, managed, and led by renowned researchers, they unite the world’s leading experts around the hottest topics in research, stimulating collaboration and accelerating science”. For more details

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