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Request Elasticity Lecture Notes

Hi all,

Do you have some lecture notes in Elasticity course? Especially about plane stress/strain, airy stress function, variational and energy method?
Because I really want to improve myself in this.
And if I have a potential energy equation by variational principle, how can I obtain the displacement equation?

Thank you very much.


Nanshu Lu's picture

We have a full collection of solid mechanics lecture notes prepared for Harvard SEAS graduate level course ES 240. Please see the link below:

Hope this is helpful to you.

Thanks a lot...

But, do you also have some worked examples about that?
Because I think it's easier to understand from examples, and then develop it with further applications.



Rui Huang's picture

I believe Nanshu wanted to give the following link to ES 240 of Harvard instead of EM 388F of UT Austin:  


Temesgen Markos's picture

Ray, you can also have a look at the imechanica lecture notes repository on the following link.


 Thank You Nanshu Lu for the "full collection of solid mechanics lecture notes" and the link very helpful

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