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Experimental results about the mechanical response of voided printed specimens

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In this study, artificial discrete pores were embedded in shear-tension specimens to explore the mechanical response in shear-dominated stress states, keeping the pore volume fraction constant. The conclusions are relevant to the specific void volume fraction of 0.15% and the configurations of pores that were predefined. For both loading-rate regimes, • The quantity of pores (one or three pores, whose total volume is equal to the volume of the single pore) seems to only have a minnor effect on the overall mechanical response. • The distance between spherical pores did not result in a significant change in mechanical response. • The mechanical response of prolate-containing specimens is insensitive to the orientation of the pore. • The shape of the pore, i.e., spherical or prolate does not seem to affect the mechanical response. • Finally, the presence of the pores reduces the displacement to failure, compared to the dense specimens.

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