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opportunities for PhDs in solid mechanics in San Jose, CA

My wife just got a very nice job offer from an IT firm in San Jose.  We've been in the east coast for years and I have not researched the bay area very much.  I would like to get some general information about industry opportunities for PhDs in solid mechanics, such as what the top employers and industries are. 

Any input is appreciated.  


You say industry opportunities, right?

During early 1990s, there used to be a consulting firm called Failure Analysis Associates. I tried very hard with them at that time but could not succeed---I had been failed in PhD qualifiers by an American university at that time, and so, my failure analysis knowledge and expertise didn't count. They probably still will not hire me---because I am now doing my PhD from India, not from an American university. However, it's pretty much that if you have an American PhD in mechanics and the related topics, they would hire you---whether you have conducted failure analyses in industrial situations earlier or not, should not be a matter of concern. And, of course, I speak from experience. 

You might find a lot of places in the San Francisco Bay Area comfortably closer to the Asian/Chinese culture.

Good luck.

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