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Advice on Graduate School Applications

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I recently gave a talk to undergraduate engineering students at U.C. Berkekey on advice for applying to graduate schools in the US. The talk is titled "How to Apply to Graduate School and Fail to Get Admitted." The title is intended to be humorous. The audience was one of the most engaging that I have ever encountered and there were lots of requests for the slides. As a result, I decided to post the slides on iMechanica. The slides contain  advice on surveying graduate programs, dealing with interviews, emailing potential advisors, and are based on my 20+ years of reviewing graduate applicants and 4 years in charge of graduate admissions in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at U. C. Berkeley.


If you are applying to graduate school this Fall, I hope you find the slides to be helpful and wish you every success with the process.



Oliver O'Reilly

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