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Riemannian and Euclidean Material Structures in Anelasticty

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In this paper we discuss the mechanics of anelastic bodies with respect to a Riemannian and a Euclidean geometric structure on the material manifold. These two structures provide two equivalent sets of governing equations that correspond to the geometrical and classical approaches to nonlinear anelasticity. This paper provides a parallelism between the two approaches and explains how to go from one to the other. We work in the setting of the multiplicative decomposition of deformation gradient seen as a non-holonomic change of frame in the material manifold. This allows one to define, in addition to the two geometric structures, a Weitzenb\"ock connection on the material manifold. We use this connection to express natural uniformity in a geometrically meaningful way. The concept of uniformity is then extended to the Riemannian and Euclidean structures. Finally, we discuss the role of non-uniformity in the form of material forces that appear in the configurational form of the balance of linear momentum with respect to the two structures.

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