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Physics Seoul 2020 - International Conference on Physics and Networks

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Physics Seoul - 2020

International Conference on Physics and Networks

Dates : June 08-10, 2020

Seoul, South Korea



The main theme of the conference is “Outreaching the Technologies in Quantum Physics and its Applications”


For abstract submission:


For more details:


Please kindly find attached the conference flyer and speakers flyer:



This Interactive exchange will take place in working groups covering the following sessions:

·        Quantum mechanics

·        Optical physics

·        Nuclear physics

·        Plasma physics

·        Magnetism

·        Nanotechnology

·        Laser optics

·        Atomic physics

·        Astrophysics



·        Quantum science and technology

·        High energy and particle physics

·        Gravitational physics

·        Solid state physics

·        Relativistic physics

·        Spectroscopy

·        Condensed matter physics

·        Biophysics

List of Confirmed Speakers for the  conference.

Dr. Doron Kwiat,
   Independent researcher, Kineret College, Israel
  Abstract Title “Derivation of Planck's constant from two strings coupling”,


2. Dr. Hans Deyssenroth
Senior Researcher, University of Basel, Germany

    Abstract Title “Are we wrong about the Michelson Morley Experiment?”,


3. Dr. Musa D. Abdullahi
Adjunct Lecturer, UMY University, Nigeria

    Abstract Title “Aberration of electric field and radiation from an accelerated charged particle moving with constant mass”,



4. Ghassan H Halasa
Professor, University of Jordan, Jordan
Abstract Title “Evolution of the Universe-The Black Hole Theory”,


Contact Details:

Lorin Grace,
Physics Seoul 2020 Committee Member                    
Physics Seoul 2020 Leadership & Committees
Tel: +1-650-835-7727

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