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Physics Dubai 2020 -ICPN - International Conference on Physics and Networks

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Physics Dubai - 2020

International Conference on Physics and Networks - ICPN

Dates : June 08-10, 2020

Dubai , UAE


About Physics Dubai  2020: 

International Conference on Physics and Networks (ICPN) 2020 will be held in Dubai, UAE during June 8-10, 2020. Physics Conference 2020 features the theme "Outreaching the Technologies in Quantum Physics and its Applications". Physics Conference 2020 is a major science dealing with the fundamental constituents of the universe. It also deals with the properties of matter & energy and the relationship between them.

Physics Dubai 2020 is a unique opportunity to discuss, share theoretical and experimental knowledge and other related concepts of physics. Conferences in Dubai can provide an excellent opportunity for Delegates, Professors, Scientists, and Researchers.

The main theme of the conference is “Outreaching the Technologies in Quantum Physics and its Applications”

For more details: 

This Interactive exchange will take place in working groups covering the following sessions:

·        Quantum mechanics

·        Optical physics

·        Nuclear physics

·        Plasma physics

·        Magnetism

·        Nanotechnology

·        Laser optics

·        Atomic physics

·        Astrophysics

·        Quantum science and technology

·        High energy and particle physics

·        Gravitational physics

·        Solid state physics

·        Relativistic physics

·        Spectroscopy

·        Condensed matter physics

·        Biophysics



1.     Name- Doron Kwiat
Country- Israel
Affiliation- Independent Researcher
Kineret College


2.     Name- Hans Deyssenroth
Country- Germany
Affiliation- IT Manager
University of Basel


3.     Name- Musa D Abdullahi
Country- Nigeria
Affiliation- Independent researcher and adjunct lecturer
UMY University


4.     Name- Ghassan Halasa
Country- Jordan
Affiliation- Professor
University of Jordan


5.     Name- Volodimir Simulik
Affiliation- Principal researcher
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Tentative Speakers:

1.     Name- Yahiya Chergui
Country- Algeria
Affiliation- Lecturer
Boumerdes University


2.     Name- Oleg Gradov
Country- Russia
Affiliation- Senior Researcher
Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics


3.     Name- Run-Wei Li
Country- China
Affiliation- Professor
CAS Key Laboratory of Magnetic Materials and Devices


4.     Name- Gaurav Kumar Bharti
Country- India
Affiliation- Assistant Professor
Techno Engineering College Banipur (Techno India Group)


5.     Name- Mahammad A Nurmammadov
Country- Azerbaijan
Affiliation- Professor
Pedagogical University


Name- Ji Chen
Country- China
Affiliation- Assistant Professor
Peking University


7.     Name- Sherif Khalil
Country- Egypt
Affiliation- Emeritus Professor
Plasma & Nuclear Fusion Dept


8.     Name- K G Chhaya
Country- India
Affiliation- Principal
Government Science College


9.     Name- Ouattara Frederic
Country- France
Affiliation- Professor
University Norbert Zongo


10. Name- Yusuf Ahijjo Musa
Country- Nigeria
Affiliation- Faculty
University- Usmanu Danfodiyo University


Our previous conference Testimonials:

Prof. Lalitha Nallamothula, independent researcher, USA- Having attended many similar conferences before in the UK and US; I shall give my honest feedback on this conference in comparison to other conferences. I know that most of the presentations were extremely technical and definitely worth listening to. There is no doubt about that. The way the whole thing was organized is good. The NASA tour was the highlight of my trip.  Most speakers waited for this trip.

Prof. Shi-Hao Chen, Northeast Normal University, China- Thanks to your efforts and those of the leading committee and the organizing committee, this international conference on physical and nanomaterials was a great success!
Research Professor M A K Lodhi, Texas Tech University, USA- We enjoyed the successful conference as a whole. Please accept my congratulations. Papers presented in the poster were very good both in technical contents and presentations. The two papers of Professor Shi-Hao Chen from Northeast Normal University, China on Black hole and Cold Fusion were very good.
Dr. Ericka Waidley, Linfield College, USA- Overall I enjoyed the first day of the conference. The food was awesome and plentiful! Thank you! Also, the venue (hotel) was very nice and accommodating to our group in many ways.  Your staff was also very helpful and kind. Thank you again for this opportunity and I hope to present at one of your conferences in the future!
Lin Li, Eli Lilly and Company, USA
- Thank you for everything the organizing committee has done. I had a great time and hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. The conference was very successful indeed and I got to meet a lot of great people in the field which was extra special for me. I had a great time.
G.S. Avadhani, Indian Institute of Science-Bangalore, India- Internationally renowned technical people including distinguished professors from different parts of the world gave a very good glimpse of the latest research on important topics in materials technology with various applications.
Amir farajian, Wright State University, USA- It was a nice conference and I enjoyed attending.
Thirumany Sritharan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore- The quality of most presentations was very good. I enjoyed listening to them and learned from them too.
Moises Cesariao, university of the littoral opal coast, France- I am very happy with the success of the conference.
Daphney St-Germain, Laval University, Canada- I am very pleased to be part of this conference… 


Contact Details:

Lorin Grace,
Physics Seoul 2020 Committee Member                    
Physics Seoul 2020 Leadership & Committees
Tel: +1-650-835-7727

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