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program ranking of universities

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The Chronicle of Higher Education just published its ranking of all programs (fields) of universities in the States.

This ranking is based on the productivity (publications, citations, grants and awards, nothing else), rather than people perceptions (department head's evaluations) as US News and World Report. 

Of course one should never take any ranking very seriously, but it is interesting to take a look at this website.



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Dear Yonggang:  Thank you very much for pointing out this site.  You said it well:  one should never take any ranking very seriously--unless one is ranked very high.  I'm delighted to see that Harvard is ranked number 1 in the category of Engineering, General.  The ranking brightens my day, if only one day.

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Dear Zhigang,

It also brightens my day, maybe half a day.

Northwestern University Engineering is ranked as follows,

Engineering Mechanics -- #1

Civil Engineering -- #7

Mechanical Engineering #7

Materials Engineering #5

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