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Interfacial Dissipative Phenomena in Tribomechanical Systems

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Dear Colleagues,

In the last twenty years, tribology and nonlinear dynamics have included several major contributions related to key topics such as rough contact, friction, damping mechanisms, and dynamical behaviour of nonlinear systems, which are paving the way for future engineering challenges. The two fields are largely intertwined as, among the others, contact nonlinearities are almost omnipresent in any technical application ranging from the development of NEMS/MEMS to bioengineering, automotive, civil/mechanical industry, and aerospace.

The common thread in both fields is the study of interfaces, particularly of the dissipative phenomena that take place at the interface, providing the source of damping that is exploited to reduce the vibration amplitude of mechanical systems, improving their service life. Despite the great achievements obtained, we are still far from being able to predict the dynamical behaviour of mechanical systems involving contact interfaces. Contamination of knowledge between tribology and nonlinear dynamics is of outmost importance today to develop strategies to respond promptly to future challenges.

The current Special Issue aims at bringing together, in the same Issue, contributions from world-leading scientists working in the fields of tribology and nonlinear dynamics, with the goal being to favour “contamination” of knowledge from the two fields to deepen our understanding of engineering regarding interfacial dissipation and dynamical system responses. Contributions are welcome from all scientists working in tribology, dynamics, and related areas.

Dr. Antonio Papangelo
Guest Editor

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