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Mechanics at the interfaces of 2D materials

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Dear iMechanica researchers,

I'd like to share an opinion paper that was written by Rui Huang, Kenneth Liechti, Nanshu Lu, and I for Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science. The aim is to discuss the mechanics research on 2D material interfaces in terms of recent developments and appeared challenges and opportunitiesHere is the link; Below, I also attached a copy of the manuscript and pasted the Abstract.

Abstract - At the interfaces of 2D materials, the solid-state condensed matter physics is closely intertwined with the mechanics in terms of adhesion/separation and friction as well as deformation of 2D materials. With atomically thin 2D layers in atomically close proximity, the chemical, physical, and mechanical interactions simultaneously evolve and influence each other, leading to a wide range of topological structures and properties across nano- and micro-scales. Can the study on the mechanics of interfaces help to understand the physics and chemistry at the interfaces of 2D materials or vice versa? This Opinion aims to highlight the recent mechanics research on such material interfaces, where a multiscale, multidisciplinary effort is most effective moving forward with plenty of challenges and opportunities.

Thank you for your attention.

Stay safe.

PDF icon COSSMS-D-20-00036_in press.pdf3.54 MB
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