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Post-doc openings at the University of Pennsylvania

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Dear colleagues, I hope this note finds you well despite the significant challenges that 2020 has brought. I am seeking to hire two post-docs for a new multidisciplinary project in my group titled "Distributed intelligence in kirigami-inspired flexible architectures". In this project we aim to implement ideas such as logic, information processing, and autonomy in materials. This work will draw on a number of disciplines, including information theory, soft robotics, kirigami/origami and geometric design, 3D printing of stimuli-responsive materials, morphological computing, etc. The new positions will include both theoretical tasks (e.g., when and how does a material "compute"? what is a suitable framework for expressing this?) and development of practical experimental demonstrations.

 I'm happy to chat to provide more details. I'm looking to fill at least one of these positions as soon as possible, but there is some flexibility for the second.

 Jordan R. Raney, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

University of Pennsylvania


Architected Materials Laboratory:

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