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Postdoc openings at Peking University

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Prof. Xiaoding Wei's group at the Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science at Peking University (Group Website: has postdoc openings for graduates with Ph.D. degrees in Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, and Mechanical Engineering:

Research Area #1: Multiscale modeling and simulations: experiences in simulations of material systems including 1D or 2D materials, fiber-reinforced composites, nanocrystalline metals, metallic glass, polymers, and so on. using FEM, coarse-grained simulations, Molecular Dynamics, and Density Functional Theory.

Research Area #2: Material synthesis and nanomechanical characterization: experiences in synthesis or characterization of mechanical properties of material systems including 1D or 2D materials, nanocrystalline metallic films, metallic glass, fiber-reinforced composites, etc. 

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