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Funded Ph.D. Positions in Brain Injury Biomechanics

Two PhD positions are available within the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio for Summer or Fall 2021 in the area of injury biomechanics research focused on traumatic brain injury and computational modeling.

The overall goal of this research, headed by Dr. Marzieh Memar, is to integrate computational and experimental techniques to unfold mechanisms underlying traumatic brain injury (TBI).

1. Position #1: The PhD student will be working as part of a team exploring various aspects of both in-vitro and preclinical animal models of neurotrauma to improve TBI diagnosis, prognosis and treatment and combine novel biomarkers and histopathological findings. Experience in animal studies, cell culture, and processing brain tissue for neuropathology and knowledge in neuroscience and/or molecular and cell biology are highly desired.

2. Position #2 : The PhD student will be working as part of a team working in the development of multi-scale computational modeling of the brain. Applicants are sought who possess knowledge of finite element modeling, continuum constitutive modeling and material testing. Experience in working with FE softwares such as LS-DYNA and programming languages such as MATLAB is desired.

Interested candidates should send a curriculum vitae along with the contact information of three references that could be contacted.

Please email applications to: Dr. Marzieh Memar (

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