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Research Scientist positions at Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR, Singapore

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IHPC is seeking a highly motivated research scientist to conduct research in computational thermal analysis for composite materials. The project focuses on developing a numerical simulation platform for polymer matrix composite thermal simulation under various external heat load and conduct optimization for industrial design purpose.

The successful candidate will be required to aid the work in the following fields:

  • Develop RVE model for composite materials with various configuration and evaluate the effective thermal properties.
  • Develop theoretical model for thermal transfer problem of composites.
  • Develop a thermal simulation software for industry applications, and implement optimization algorithm for industrial design purpose. 



  • Ph.D degree in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, or other related fields.
  • Knowledge of solid mechanics, continuum mechanics, and heat transfer.
  • Strong background in computational mechanics, and be familiar with the theory of Finite Element Method for mechanical/thermal problems. Experience in writing in-house FEM code is a great plus.
  • Knowledge in numerical method such as solving linear/nonlinear system of equations, solving partial differential equations, unconstrained/constrained optimization algorithms with single/multiple objectives, etc.
  • Be familiar with at least one commercial/opensource FEM software, and its related pre-processing/post-processing tools. Understand the software architecture of opensource FEM software and has capability to implement/extend the demanded function is a great plus.
  • Skilled in programming language C++ and python. Enthusiastic in writing code is also required.
  • Knowledge on composite material is a plus.
  • Knowledge on software engineering, data structure, Qt/VTK library, high performance computing is a plus.


Please kindly send your CV to (LIU Jun) if you are interested in the position. Thank you.


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