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Special issue in EABE - "Advanced numerical modelling in geotechnical engineering"

Dear All,

We cordially invite you to submit a manuscript for consideration and possible publication in the special issue on "Advanced numerical modelling in geotechnical engineering" in Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements (IF=2.884).

This special issue aims to address following topics:

1. Data-driven simulation with field monitoring or experiments.

2. Modelling the hydraulic fracturing in naturally fractured reservoirs or Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) using the extended finite element method, meshfree method, particle finite element method, peridynamic method, numerical manifold method, boundary element method, and so on.

3. Modelling THMC coupling processes during coal gas and shale gas extraction, nuclear waste disposal, and so on.

4. Modelling the collision and fragmentation of geotechnical materials with moving boundaries using the material point method, and so on.

5. Modelling multiple scale cracking or THMC coupling processes in geological materials.

The first submission expected is 01-Feb-2021. The final deadline for manuscript submission is 01-Nov-2021. The final deadline for acceptance is 01-Feb-2022.

Manuscript submission site is:

Please let me know if you and/or your colleagues are interested in submitting a manuscript for this special issue. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

P.S. It is important that authors should select the name of the special issue when they upload manuscripts: VSI: Geotechnical engineering.


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