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MoFEM: School on Advanced Topics in Computational Mechanics (UKACM 2021)

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Our presentations at the School on Advanced Topics in Computational Mechanics (part of the UK Association of Computational Mechanics 2021 Conference) are now available on the MoFEM YouTube channel (link).

Introduction slide


1. Introduction (Lukasz Kaczmarczyk): Sustainable development of research code for complex engineering problems video link

2. Poisson's problem (Hoang Nguyen): Operators & simple interface video link

3. Linear Acoustics (Ignatios Athanasiadis): Complex variable fields & forms integrators video link

4. Elasticity (Karol Lewandowski): 2D/3D elasticity implementation for small & large deformations and logarithmic strains video link

5. Mixed Finite Elements (Andrei Shvarts): H(div) and H(curl) spaces, error indicators and p-adaptivity video link


We would like to thank again organisers at the Loughborough University and especially Marco Discacciati for this opportunity to reach out!






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Hi All there, if you have any comments? You like to try, the easiest why try is to see examples on Google Colab,


2. Poisson's problem (Google Colab)

3. Linear Acoustics (Google Colab)


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