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Keep EML Webinar going!

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Keep EML Webinar going by donating at:

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for Season 2 of EML Webinar by (as of 18 May 2021):

Denian Zhuang, Jimmy Hsia, Zhigang Suo, Ruobing Bai, Teng Li, Liqing Jiao, Shengqiang Cai, Grace Gu, Xin Wen, Jianyu Li, Jin Yang, Nitesh Arora, and anonymous donors. 

Dear friends of EML Webinar,

EML Webinar Season 1 has been a great success!

We are deeply indebted to all speakers, discussion leaders, and all of you, the friends of EML Webinar, for your steady support and help, without which this success would not be possible. Particular thanks to Harvard IT for their tech support for EML Webinar Season 1!

  • 32 fantastic webinars by leading scientists in a wide range of areas,
  • 102 hours of idea sharing and mind inspiring among a diverse group of researchers from all over the world,
  • 90,000+ YouTube views of webinar recordings (still growing!)

"EML Webinar has become my weekly ritual in this special year of 2020", One EML Webinar friend shared.

We are proud to announce the launch of EML Webinar Season 2, starting on May 12, 2021, featuring Prof. Michael Sheetz on "Mechanical stress kills tumor cells".

To continue the success of the EML Webinar in Season 2, we will need some baseline funding to cover basic operational expenses, including but not limited to:

  • Independent EML Webinar Zoom account for webinar service
  • Cloud storage for EML Webinar recordings
  • Related expenses to provide access to existing EML Webinar recordings

EML Webinar is just like Boston Common. It belongs to whoever enjoys it.

To keep EML Webinar Season 2 a fun place for us to meet, chat with, and learn from each other, would you be able to contribute to this incredible cause?

Any amount you can contribute will make a difference—even $5.

We thank you for your contribution and look forward to another successful and enjoyable season of EML Webinar!

-Team EML Webinar


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