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Post-doctoral research position in applied mechanics and additive manufacturing

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A post-doctoral position in the general area of continuum level simulations of high-strain rate impact phenomena and thermo-mechanical modeling in moving boundary problems is available in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Northeastern University. The specific goals of this post-doctoral research opportunity are to investigate the causes of residual stresses in metal additive manufacturing based on cold-particle gas spray technology and to design strategies to optimize its distribution. The successful candidate will interface with a strong group of experimentalists working on the technology. The candidate’s primary responsibility will be to work on micro, meso and macro scale thermo-mechanical simulations of moving boundary problems by using the finite element method. Strong background in finite element theory, contact mechanics, plasticity, fracture mechanics and cohesive zone using customized codes and Abaqus are required. Experience with LS-Dyna will be a welcome addition. Experience with writing own finite element codes, Abaqus user subroutines and Python code will be helpful for the position. The post-doctoral fellow will interact with a network of PIs, post-docs and graduate students working in continuum mechanics, molecular dynamics, metallurgy and experiments. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Professor Sinan Muftu ( with a letter describing their relevant experience, and send their CV with the names of three references.

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