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Research Scientist positions at Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR, Singapore

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IHPC is seeking a highly motivated research scientist to conduct research in computational mechanics specifically in soft robotics. The project focuses on developing and adopting large deformation constitutive model for smart materials, simulation of soft robotic behavior with complex contact scenarios, and machine learning study on the dynamics of soft robotic system.


  • Ph.D degree in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science (Computer graphics with physically-based animation), or other related fields.
  • Knowledge of solid mechanics, continuum mechanics for soft materials, and FEM simulation.
  • Strong background in computational mechanics, and be familiar with the theory of FEM.
  • Strong background in numerical method such as solving linear/nonlinear system of equations, solving partial differential equations, various optimization algorithms, etc.
  • Experience in different types of statistics and machine learning techniques.
  • Skilled in at least one of the mainstream commercial FEM simulation software. Experience in modeling soft robotics is a big plus.
  • Skilled in programming language C++ and python.
  • Enthusiastic in writing code and keen to learn new things.


Please kindly send your CV to (LIU Jun) if you are interested in the position. Thank you. (Only shortlisted candidates will be notified)


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