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Developments in Photoelasticity: A renaissance

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Have you ever wondered that you can visually see the stress patterns live in a loaded structure! I am not speaking about the contours that you see in commercial finite element software #fea .

For e.g. see the colorful image attached. The fringe patterns are the live stress field around a crack in a loaded structure.

Find more answers on how to interpret these images using state of the art image processing technology in the newly published book:

"Developments in Photoelasticity: A renaissance" by Prof. K. Ramesh, Chair Professor, Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras.

It not only covers its usage for commercial applications like residual stress analysis in products based on polycarbonates and glass material but also talks about the mechanics of worms burrowing and slithering locomotion of snakes. This book is written for a wide range of audiences spanning from students and scientists to industry professionals. 

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