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International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and the Sciences (ICCES07)

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The Aim of ICCES'07 is to bring researchers from the world's acdemia, industry, and the governments, for a few days, to the ambience of Miami, USA, in January 2007, to discuss the recent advances in computational and experimental engineering & sciences, and to facilitate collaborative research efforts.

The Main Themes of the Conference are:

1. Multidisciplinary Analysis & Synthesis of Complex Systems
2. Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures
3. Plasticity; Steel Structures; Computational & Experimental Aspects
4. Mechanics of Fluids, Gases, and Fluidics/MEMS
5. Nanoengineering in Medicine and Biology
6. Computational Biology, Biomechanics
7. Geomechanics, Geomaterials
8. Smart Structures
9. Computational Fracture Mechanics; Structural Integrity & Health Monitoring
10. Nanomechanics, Nanostructured Materials, & Materials by Design
11. Dynamics of Materials & Structures: Computations & Experiments
12. Meshless and other novel methods of computer modeling in engineering and the sciences
13. Computational Solid Mechanics

If you are interested in organizing a special Symposium in one of the above themes, please contact the organizing committee at


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