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EC Emergency Medicine and Critical Care - ECRONICON Journal

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The journal- EC Emergency Medicine and Critical Care   /  ECRONICON


 EC Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

EC Emergency Medicine and Critical Care (ECEC) is an internationally peer reviewed journal that desires to publish articles on all aspects of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. The journal aims to publish clinical and experimental work on all the topics related to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. The main motto of ECEC is to bring latest developments and current research in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care into light by publishing quality and original articles. We deal with all aspects of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, diseases and therapeutic interventions.


Aim and scope

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty involving care for undifferentiated, unscheduled patients with acute illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention. While not usually providing long-term or continuing care, emergency physicians undertake acute investigations and interventions to resuscitate and stabilize patients. Emergency medicine is now recognized as an essential public service. Intensive care medicine or critical care medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions requiring sophisticated organ support and invasive monitoring. Patients requiring intensive care may require support for instability, airway, more commonly referred to now as multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Intensive care is usually only offered to those whose condition is potentially reversible and who have a good chance of surviving with intensive care support. Advancements in the field of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care play a major role in building a safe and healthy society.

ECEC accepts articles on all the topics related to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care such as Environmental Health, Community Health, Behavioral Health, Health Economics, Public Policy, Insurance Medicine, Occupational Health and other important subfields along with Prevention and Treatment of Disease, Illness, Injury, and Other Physical and Mental Impairments Promoting Healthy Behaviors, Palliative Medicine, Critical Care Medicine-Intensive Care, Medical Toxicology, Wilderness Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine, Trauma, National Health Issues, Health Education, Behavior & Improvement, Health Protection, Public Health Ethics, Social Determinants of Health, Impact of Health Policies, Public Health Practice Models, Health Problems and their Solutions, Public Health Policy and Practice, Population Based studies, Diet and Nutrition, Infection and Public Health Health Care Analysis-Biostatics, Intensive and Critical care, Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care, Pediatric Intensive Care, Acute and Emergency Medicine, Perioperative medicine, Resuscitation, Infection control, Organ Dysfunction, Accidental Injuries, Acute Cardiology, Neurological Emergency, Acute Respiratory Failure, Acute Pain Management, Critical Care, Injury Prevention, Resuscitation, Surgical Emergency, Acute Infection, Toxicology, Hematology/ Oncology, ECG Patterns, Pediatric Emergency, Emergency Medicine, Medical Chemistry, Patient Safety, Critical Patients, Ballistics and Firearm Wounds, Traumatic Injuries, Emergency Medicinal Technologies, etc.

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