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Expand the Web of Mechanics and Mechanicians on Twitter

Zhigang Suo's picture

Quite a few of mechnicians are active a Twitter. There we interact with one another, and with broad communities. Here are several mechanicians active on Twitter:

Markus Buehler, MIT

John Dolbow, Duke

Alain Goriely, Oxford

Grace Gu, Berkeley

Gareth McKinley, MIT

Vicky Nguyen, Johns Hopkins

Michelle Oyen, Washington University

Pedro Reis, EPFL

Zhigang Suo, Harvard

Shi-Qing Wang, Akron

Xuanhe Zhao, MIT

And a lot more...

Take a look and join us to expand the web of mechanics and mechanicians.


Markus J. Buehler's picture

Thanks Zhigang for this inititative! This is great and I too would be excited to find more mechanicians on Twitter! Best wishes to everyone.


Thanks for bringing this up, Zhigang.  I see many advantages to interacting with other mechanicians on Twitter:

  1. Learning of exciting research outcomes very early, sometimes before they even appear in press. 
  2. An easy exchange and discussion of ideas, and an ability to ask authors questions.  
  3. Open discussion of science in other areas and their impact on and relevance to mechanics.  

I'm sure there are many more, but in my experience it is on the whole quite positive!  

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