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9th International Conference on Fracture of Polymers, Composites and Adhesives

9th International Conference on Fracture of Polymers, Composites and Adhesives

17-21 September 2023 | Eurotel Victoria, Les Diablerets, Switzerland

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For this 9th International Conference in the series organised by the European Structural Integrity Society - Technical Committee 4 on Fracture Mechanics related to Polymers, Polymer Composites and Adhesives.  Papers relating to fracture mechanics testing methods, theoretical and numerical developments and applications of fracture mechanics to industrial applications are all welcome.  Of special interest are novel polymer-based materials and composites, e.g., renewable or biodegradable and polymer-based materials made with new technologies, e.g., additive manufacturing.  Please note that submissions on fracture of other materials and composites, e.g., metal-matrix, ceramic-matrix, or concrete are outside the scope and will not be considered.

Conference themes

Abstracts are now invited on the following themes. They should be submitted using the online abstract submission system.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 December 2022

We are again inviting papers in the areas reflecting the current and future interests of TC4 as listed below. New developments and innovative applications are especially welcome. Both experimental and theoretical work is sought, including modelling and simulation, in order to give a balanced view of the subject areas:

  • Polymers: Low rate properties, Kc, Gc and Jc.  Essential work of fracture, we.  Impact and high rate properties.  Ductile energy dissipation and notching effects.  Environmental effects.  Fracture in soft polymer-based materials.  Cutting, machining, scratching and other novel fracture test methods.
  • Composites: Delamination in continuous fibre composites including cross-ply and 3D reinforcement. Impact and high rate properties. Fatigue fracture, damage mechanisms, thermal properties, experimental characterization and simulation. Toughness of short fibre, particulate, or nano- and micro-scale reinforced composites. Pure and mixed-mode fracture. Peeling of flexible laminates.
  • Adhesives: Structural adhesives toughness evaluation also for hybrid joints, experimental characterization and simulation. Geometry and thickness effects on Gc. Measuring toughness in highly toughened adhesive joints, including Jc testing. Toughening mechanisms, including nano-scale additives. Impact and high rate behaviour. Environmental effects. Peeling of flexible laminates.
  • Application of fracture mechanics: Service life prediction models, including cyclic fatigue loads and environmental ageing effects. Data for FE design codes. Applications in structural engineering, electronics, pipelines and layered structures. Crash simulations.
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