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Experimental Mechanics of Thin Films & Multilayers

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Colleagues: Please consider submitting an abstract to the symposium, "Thin Films and Multilayers: From Microstructure to Device Characteristics" to take place in Porto, Portugal, 2-7 July, 2023. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Topical areas: 

• Film thickness and microstructure effects on elasticity, plasticity, fracture and fatigue as well as electrical and dielectric properties

• Strain/light/magnetic field engineering of sensors, electronics

• Mechanics of multi-layered systems (from thermal barrier coating to microelectronics)

• In-situ and In-operando experiments on thin films and devices

• Radiation and other extreme environment effects in thin films and interfaces

• Annealing, recrystallization and phase transformation mechanics of thin films and coatings (laser/electron/heat)

• Emerging thin film mechanics and applications (2D materials; flexible and/or foldable devices; photovoltaics; energy storage; thermal management; biomedical)   



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