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Benchmarks for computation contact Mechanics. A collection of problems.

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Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to a recent work we have been doing to set up a library of examples of discrete one-sided contact problems with Coulomb friction. 

The collection of problems can be found here  and the C API for writing and listing these files here:

The library of problems is open and you are welcome to contribute. With the format we choose described here fclib web site you should be able to export your frictional contact problems from your favorite FEM or DEM applications in quasi-static or dynamics.

We use this library/collection in the following research articles [1,2] and we believe that in a good step towarss reproducible science and FAIR principles for computational contact mechanics.

All the best 

[1] Acary, V., Brémond, M., Huber, O. (2018). On Solving Contact Problems with Coulomb Friction: Formulations and Numerical Comparisons. In: Leine, R., Acary, V., Brüls, O. (eds) Advanced Topics in Nonsmooth Dynamics. Springer, Cham.



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