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Closer Look: An Open Journal Club in Biomechanics

Dear Mechanics Community:

Myself and four colleagues (Emma Lejeune, Johannes Weickenmeier, Adrian Buganza, and Matthew Bersi) have been organizing an open journal club. Every semester we invite biomechanicians to present one of their own papers in a virtual seminar. All previous 30 seminars have been recorded and are available on our website ( Our next round of speakers in the Fall 2022 semester have been confrimed and we'd love to see all (or at least some) of you there! You can also sign up for our list-serv here. We send only one reminder per seminar and you will receive no other content. Promise.

Thank you!





Dr. Sahli Costabal

“Fast Characterization of Inducible Regions of Atrial Fibrillation Models With Multi-Fidelity Gaussian Process Classification”


Dr. Jin Yang

“Spatio Temporally Adaptive Quadtree Mesh (STAQ) Digital Image Correlation for Resolving Large Deformations Around Complex Geometries and Discontinuities”


Dr. Arina Korneva

“Mechanical strain in the mouse astrocytic lamina increases after exposure to recombinant trypsin”


Dr.  Wenk

“End-Systolic Circumferential Strain Derived From Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Feature-Tracking as a Predictor of Functional Recovery in Patients With ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction”


Dr. Jill Middendorf

“Local tissue heterogeneity may modulate neuronal responses via altered axon strain fields: insights about innervated joint capsules from a computational model”


Dr.  Luetkemeyer

“Constitutive modeling of the anterior cruciate ligament bundles and patellar tendon with full-field methods”


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