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HEMI/MSEE Impact Research Workshop and Short Course, July 17-21, 2023

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Johns Hopkins University’s Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI), in collaboration with the Materials Science in Extreme Environments (MSEE) University Research Alliance, will host a workshop and short course on impact research experiments on July 17-21, 2023. The emphasis of the event will be on impact research experiments performed using gas guns, powder guns, and electromagnetic launchers.


The three-day workshop will provide an overview of the fundamental physics and mechanics associated with impact research experiments. The emphasis of the workshop will be on lecture-style presentations introducing the fundamentals of shock wave propagation, material response to impact, and modeling approaches. Limited to 50 participants.


The two-day short course will provide participants with an opportunity for hands-on setup and execution of a gas gun experiment in HEMI’s Hypervelocity Facility for Impact Research Experiments (HyFIRE). Limited to 15 participants.


Additional details about this event may be found on the attached flyer.  If interested in attending, please use the following link to register: Registrations will be accepted through July 7, 2023 but for full consideration for the Short Course, applications should be received by May 18, 2023.


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