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One Postdoctoral/Research Scientist Position in Geometric Modeling and Mesh Generation

A position of postdoctoral fellow or research scientist is available immediately in the group

of Jessica Zhang at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University. 

We are looking for someone with strong software design and development skills coupled

with knowledge of geometric modeling and mesh generation. The main tasks of this position

is to build a flexible software system for geometry-representation and mesh generation with

a focus on early-design evaluations as well as supporting complex analyses for a range of

physics/applications. This is a collaborating project between Carnegie Mellon University

and Naval Research Lab. The salary will be commensurate with experience and background.



Design, develop and implement software environment/components for geometry representation

and mesh generation in support of computational mechanics applications.

Significant software development/programming activity is expected.



Master or PhD in Engineering or Computer Science


Background and experience:

Strong background in geometric modeling and automatic mesh generation techniques

suitable for engineering analysis and design.


In-depth knowledge of CAD-CAE integration issues for engineering analyses using finite element methods.


Hands-on experience with one or more geometric modeling kernels.


Experience with distributed high-performance computing platforms is desirable.


Software Skills:

Experience with architecting large-scale software systems

Expertise in modern object-oriented techniques

Expertise in programming C++, C

Familiarity with Python and other scripting languages

Familiarity with Windows/Linux operating system 


US citizenship or legal permanent residency required. 


Interested applicants please contact Jessica Zhang by sending application materials

to The application materials should include:

* Current CV with names and contact information of at least three references

* Brief statement of career goal, research background and interests



Yongjie (Jessica) Zhang

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University

303 Scaife Hall

5000 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Tel: (412)268-5332 Fax: (412)268-3348



Hi Jessica (and also others),

Sounds very interesting. (That is, personally, to me.) But I do have quite a few questions:

(i) Does the position require security clearance, US citizenship or green-card? If not, does it require the applicant to be already holding a valid US visa? If not, will you (CMU) sponsor for the relevant visa?

(ii) Will a 45 year old Indian male with an Indian University's PhD do? I mean, a PhD from a university other than the IITs or IISc, esp. IIT Bombay.

I asked these questions openly because I have been observing two things:

(a) Quite a few job ads here at iMechanica---a good sign, but

(b) No mention of the things such as the above. If people could clarify right while posting the job opportunities, it would be helpful. After all, iMechanica is supposed to be global.

So, people like me---at least I---would certainly appreciate if not just Jessica but also others addressed concerns such as these.

(The matter about 45 year old Indian male etc. is not meant for humor. It's actual. Govt. jobs in India often have an upper age limit. US jobs tend to be more open but if how the Americans treat me and my job applications for their companies in USA and even *in India* is any indication, there is a lot of absolutely wrong sort of prejudice related to age that exists even with the Americans---no matter how loud usually they do cry to the contrary. Competence is a secondary consideration---not primary---with the present-day Americans.)

Hi Ajit,

Thanks for your questions. We do have the requirement of "US Citizenship or Green Card", which was given in the job description. Regarding your 2nd question, we don't have any requirements.


Hi Jessica,

Thank you for your reply. Sorry, in my excitement, I didn't notice the US citizen/green card requirement. However, regarding your answer to my second question, I still am not very clear. "We don't have any requirements" doesn't exactly answer the question, does it?


I don't know how to calling from computer to mobile phone .please can you explain that subject.

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