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Damping reveals hidden dimensions in elastic metastructures through induced transparency

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Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to read our recent study published in the Physical Review Applied:


Damping typically results in attenuation of vibrations and elastic wave propagation in mechanical systems. Contrary to this conventional understanding, we demonstrate experimentally and explain theoretically the revival of an elastic wave transmitted through a periodic metastructure when a weak non-Hermitian defect (damping mechanism) induces violation of time-reversal symmetry. Damping alters the nature of the system’s resonant modes, instigating interference in the scattering field. This leads to transmission revival, revealing the presence of hidden modes, which are otherwise masked by the symmetry. Our findings offer an approach for designing dissipation-driven switches and controllers and nondestructive structural health-monitoring systems.

Damping-induced transmission revival in non-Hermitian system

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